First Step To Survival: Homesteading

When it comes to survival, one of the most important things you can do is learn to be self-sufficient. Homesteading is a great way to achieve this self-sufficiency, no matter where you live. By growing your own food, raising livestock, and learning to live off the land, you can be prepared for any emergency or disaster.

The first step to homesteading is to assess your resources and the available space you have. This will help you determine what you can grow, what livestock you can raise, and how much energy you can generate. Once you have a plan in place, you can start gathering the tools and equipment you’ll need.

Here are some basic tools and equipment you can get on Amazon to help you get started with homesteading:

  1. Garden tools: A basic set of garden tools, such as a shovel, rake, and hoe, will be essential for growing your own vegetables and fruits. Check out this set of gardening tools on Amazon.
  1. Seeds: You’ll need seeds to grow your own crops. Look for heirloom seeds that are adapted to your local climate and soil conditions. You’re going to want a large stock pile like this kit here that can last you for at least 2 planting seasons, especially if you’re an amateur gardener. You need to create margin for error and learning your soil.
  1. Livestock feeders and waterers: At the minimum you’re going to at least need free range chickens, which many cities even allow. You can buy a small chicken coop and get started for under $500 with chickens. I also recommend the book Natural Chicken Keeping to get you on the right foot. Or click here to check out our blog on getting started with chickens.
  1. Back Up Energy: Even at the end of the world Homesteading will be much more convenient with energy. Lights, refrigeration, processing and other appliances. Solar panels can help you generate your own electricity. Check out this solar panel kit on Amazon. Getting a gas generator for backup is also a great investment.  If you’re looking for a reliable electric banks, I recommend anything by Goal Zero. Grab one of their YETI Power Banks and companion solar chargers. Goal Zero is popular amongst Van Lifers. Personally, I’ve used these to power 400+ person conferences in powerless fields – Goal Zero is first class.
  1. Water filtration system: Clean water is essential for survival. A water filtration system can help you purify water from any source. Even for everyday use I recommend a Berkey Water Filtration System. They’re gravity fed, use carbon filters, easy to use and last forever. We live in the country with hard water, so we use this for drinking water for both us humans and our pets. Grab at least a 2 gallon capacity, though a bigger unit might be better, and have extra filters on hand (even though filters can last years).

Homesteading is not only a great way to prepare for emergencies, but it’s also a sustainable and fulfilling way of life. By starting with these basic tools and equipment, you can get started with homesteading anywhere, whether you’re in a suburban or rural area.


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